The EM image volume

Browse online - courtesy of the Virtual Fly Brain project
Download and trace locally - a preconfigured CATMAID installation
Download - losslessly compressed image tiles


This was a large, team effort executed over several years. Please see the author list and acknowledgements section of the paper (above) for contributors. Some coverage + press:
Cell video abstract
In a ‘tour de force,’ researchers image an entire fly brain in minute detail - Science magazine
Complete Fly Brain Imaged at Nanoscale Resolution - HHMI News
Every Neuron of a Fruit Fly Brain, In Nanoscopic Detail - Discover
This colorful web is the most complete look yet at a fruit fly’s brain cells - ScienceNews
Explore This Exquisitely Detailed 3D Brain - National Geographic
3D image reveals hidden neurons in fruit-fly brain - Nature
Finalist in 2018 Breakthrough of the year - Science

The tracing community

As of July 2018, this community has two components: (1), a group tracing in a collaborative 'walled garden' in a CATMAID server hosted by the Bock lab, in 'open lab notebook' fashion; and (2), independent tracers who have downloaded the dataset and are running their own CATMAID (or whatever) servers. Laboratories participating in (1) include:
  • Davi Bock - Janelia Research Campus
  • Gwyneth Card - Janelia Research Campus
  • Eugenia Chiappe - Champalimaud
  • Barry Dickson - Janelia Research Campus
  • Andrew Dacks - West Virginia University
  • Stephen Huston - Janelia Research Campus
  • Vivek Jayaraman - Janelia Research Campus
  • Greg Jefferis - MRC LMB; University of Cambridge
  • Ilona Grunwald Kadow - Technical University of Munich
  • Azusa Kamikouchi - Nagoya University
  • Matthias Landgraf - University of Cambridge
  • Thomas Preat - ESPCI-CNRS
  • Michael Reiser - Janelia Research Campus
  • Gerry Rubin - Janelia Research Campus
  • Kristin Scott - UC Berkeley
  • Andrew Seeds & Steffi Hampel - University of Puerto Rico
  • Gaia Tavosanis - German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases DZNE
  • Scott Waddell - Oxford University
  • Mathias Wernet - Freie Universitat Berlin
  • Rachel Wilson - Harvard University